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Move the light, not the fiber

Test Lab Fiber Automation


Move The Light, Not The Fiber


Automating the optical fiber infrastructure in product development and manufacturing test laboratories is an application where optical circuit switching delivers tremendous value. As more labs migrate solutions to 100 Gbit/s, 200 Gbit/s and 400 Gbit/s, traditional OEO automation solutions are either extremely expensive or simply unavailable. The protocol and speed transparency of CALIENT’s S-Series Optical Circuit Switches (OCS) also delivers an additional benefit in labs – as interface rates scale in future the OCS requires no upgrade, meaning that the total cost of ownership is extremely low.


Benefits of CALIENT’s S-Series Optical Circuit Switches in development and manufacturing labs include:

Less Equipment is Needed: High-value test equipment (OTN tester, OSA, etc) can be shared across multiple test setups instead of investing in dedicated resources. Similarly, the same “Device Under Test” can be used for multiple test scenarios and configurations

Multiple Labs Can be Consolidated: Large product vendors and end users typically have multiple lab environments each with its own networking and test equipment, real estate, power, and staffing costs.  Examples include Product Development, Software Validation, Customer Support, and Presales Demos. Automation facilitates consolidation by allowing test facilities to be used 24/7 and operated and configured remotely by different company stakeholders.

Reduced Staffing and Travel Expenses: Automated reconfiguration means new test setups can be provisioned at the touch of a button rather than manually. This reduces lab staffing needs and allows remote users to configure and run tests. There is virtually no need for users to travel to visit the test facility.


Labor and Capital Cost Optimization

Improved Product Quality:  Automation allows more thorough and reliable testing of equipment and networks due to expanded test coverage and better reproducibility.

Improved Customer Response: Customer networks can be simulated in hours vs. weeks allowing very rapid response to problem and failure scenarios. There are also some tests that are extremely difficult to simulate without lab automation. For example, in a service provider network, simultaneous fiber failure of 16 BLSR OC-192 rings would be almost impossible to simulate without fiber automation.

More Flexibility: Multiple test shifts can be scheduled and tests and re-tests can be rescheduled to available off-peak periods to improve turn-around time. Lab technicians can work remotely if traveling or unable to be at the test facility due to weather conditions, illness, etc.

Faster Time to Market: Lab/Fiber automation without question reduces regression test and product release cycles, allowing new products to be brought to market much more quickly.

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