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CALIENT-ADARA SDN Transport Packet Optical Integration Solution




Judges Remarks: “High value and flexibility as applied to data centers and WAN and utilizing SDN to optimize resources.”


Multi-layer, Multi-Vendor, Multi-Domain Network Optimization


The SDN Transport-POI (Packet Optical Integration) solution from CALIENT Technologies and ADARA Networks offers an answer to the most important yet unmet need in networking – the latency and capacity of the WAN.

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Customers’ objectives are increasingly focused on high-transaction/real-time cloud-based computing with islands of computation interconnected by wide area networking. The end-to-end delivery of real-time cloud-based computing is gated by the latency and capacity of the WAN. There have been significant technological advances to eliminate latency in the computing execution environment, however still absent is the elimination of latency in the networking environment, the management of the virtual and physical infrastructure (orchestration) and the packet and optical network.

The CALIENT-ADARA SDN transport network with converged packet switching and optical circuit switching is a complete solution developed to solve this problem.

Solution Components


Engineered for telecommunications providers, cloud providers, and enterprises. The SDN Transport POI solution is modular but fully integrated to meet the demands of Software Defined Networking for the packet-optical network, with the following fully SDN programmable components:

  • CALIENT SDN-enabled Optical Circuit Switches
  • ADARA Trident II/Tomahawk SDN-enabled Packet Switches’ and ADARA Open vSwitches
  • ADARA Sky SDN Controller/Path Computation Engine enabled with ADARA DLSP
  • ADARA CloudFabric OpenStack Cloud Management Platform

Benefits of the CALIENT-ADARA SDN Transport POI Solution


SDN-Transport POI allows real-time data flows to bypass the traditional packet-based layer 2/3 network for very low latency transport. Combining the CALIENT S-Series optical circuit switches and ADARA Axis switches deployed on the edges of wide area networks under the control of ADARA’s CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform and SKY Controller, the CALIENT ADARA SDN Transport POI solution delivers flexible, predictable and cost-effective SDN deployments that provide increased security and performance.

Key differentiators of the CALIENT- ADARA solution are:

Delivers coordinated Multi-Layer Integration across Layers 0-7 with policies for each service applied at every layer. Examples:

  • Coordinated policy-based network protection across layers 0-3. Protection is implemented on a single layer in the most cost-effective manner based on policies.
  • Maintaining network and security policies on a virtual server after migration to a remote host. Policies are maintained between the initial and final host locations.

Provides Performance based path computation. PCE parameters go beyond hops & cost to include latency, security requirements, power, economics, congestion, etc.

De-risks the deployment of SDN Transport by allowing incremental deployments

Accelerates SDN adoption in heterogeneous optical environments while being vendor and technology agnostic.

The CALIENT ADARA SDN Transport POI solution is generally available today for both proof of concept and production network deployments. For more details please call your CALIENT sales representative or contact us.

Watch The SDN Transport POI Video (Note: Silent Video)

CALIENT-ADARA SDN Transport Packet-Optical Integration from CALIENT Technologies on Vimeo.

Multi-Layer Performance Based Path Computation Engine Enhancements to ONOS Controller

At the 2016 Open Networking Summit, CALIENT’s David Altstaetter and ADARA Networks’ Raghu Gangi and Mukesh Kumar presented the joint companies’ Multi-Layer Performance Based Path Computation Engine Enhancements to the ONOS Controller for SDN Transport Packet Optical Integration.