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CALIENT Data Center vCluster Networks

 Today’s software-defined data centers use virtualization and centralized storage to boost performance. Data centers need to further disaggregate their server components — CPUs, GPUs, memory. CALIENT’s vCluster solution uses optical circuit switches to allow the data center operator to configure compute nodes dynamically using just the resources each needs to avoid stranding resources. Want to learn more? Contact Us.

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CALIENT-ADARA SDN Transport Packet Optical Integration

CALIENT-ADARA SDN Transport Packet-Optical Integration from CALIENT Technologies on Vimeo. The SDN Transport-POI (Packet Optical Integration) solution from CALIENT Technologies and ADARA Networks offers an answer to the most important yet unmet need in networking – the latency and capacity of the WAN. Want to learn more? Contact Us.

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Flexible SDN Transport Networks With Optical Circuit Switching

Deploying CALIENT’s Optical Circuit Switches at the edges of MAN/WAN networks between vendor and domain boundaries allows Service Providers and Data Centers to virtualize all of the resources in their optical transport networks. This means that the substantial operational and economic benefits of multilayer optimization can be realized today, independent of network and vendor domain boundaries including legacy networks. Want […]

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Enhanced Client Side Protection of Optical Transport Networks

Learn how Optical Circuit Switching offers enhanced client-side protection of optical transport networks to ensure that WAN network capacity is always fully utilized and the Client equipment has access to the full provisioned bandwidth. Want to learn more? Download our SDN Transport White Paper or Contact Us.

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LightConnect™ Fabric Virtual Pod (V-POD) Data Center

CALIENT’s LightConnect™ Fabric is a new approach to improving server and storage utilization rates in data centers. It achieves this by allowing Pod resources to be flexibly shared and reassigned at the optical layer in response to the needs of workloads. Want to learn more? Download our VPOD White Paper or Contact Us.

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CALIENT 3D MEMS Optical Circuit Switching Demonstration

This video shows an animated demonstration of how CALIENT’s 3D MEMS Optical Circuit Switching technology switches light from any input port to any output port without OEO conversion. The animation shows a 12 port example (12 inputs, 12 outputs), however in reality CALIENT’s S320 switch family supports up to 320 port capacity.

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CALIENT in Lightreading Metro SDN Webinar October 2012

Lightreading SDN Webinar October 4, 2012. Recording of the Lightreading Metro SDN Webinar featuring CALIENT’s Director of Marketing, Daniel Tardent speaking about the important role of SDN and Optical Circuit Switching in Data Centers and Metro Networks. Learn More

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EM360 Calient Technology Hybrid DC Podcast

VP of Marketing, Daniel Tardent shares CALIENT’s perspective on SDN with David Tran of Enterprise Management 360

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