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OEM Subsystem Solutions

M320-1a-webCALIENT’s 3D MEMS OEM Solutions build on the S-Series Optical Circuit Switching family with a goal of bringing the benefits of pure-photonic layer optical circuit switching to new markets by providing dramatically smaller subsystem solutions enabling new partnerships with OEM networking vendors. The new subsystem products target datacenter, cloud computing, service provider, content provider, and media applications.

CALIENT’s OEM Subsystem Solutions are available as complete white label optical switching system solutions for OEM applications, and as subsystems that can be integrated into partner Router, Switching, Next Generation ROADM, Optical Transport and Cloud Computing platforms.

MSM-320 Optical Circuit Switching Subsystem

The MSM-320 is a fully self-contained 320 port optical circuit switching subsystem designed for deployment in OEM solutions. It contains the 3D-MEMS switching core together with mirror driver circuitry and a dual redundant Control Processor (CP). The Control Processor is the heart of the optical circuit switch. It provides overall system administration functions, processes switching commands, and operates mirror alignment algorithms which continuously optimize insertion loss on all 320 active paths through the switch.

In order to optimize insertion loss and to compensate for any environmental stress on the system, the MSM must be supplied with measurements of input and out power levels on all 320 switch ports. This can be achieved by adding OMM-320 Optical Power Monitoring Subsystems on the input and output fibers or alternatively by accessing optical power monitoring data from transceivers connected to the switch.

OMM-320 Optical Power Monitoring Subsystem

The OMM-320 Optical Power Monitoring Subsystem uses scanning mirror technology to monitor power levels on up to 320 optical fibers simultaneously. While it is intended for use with the MSM-320 Subsystem it can equally be deployed as a stand-alone power monitoring module or as a power monitoring subsystem in a range of optical networking and transport solutions in datacenters and wide area networks.

Complete White Label S-Series Systems for OEMs

Calient320_3984CFshadowA_croppedCALIENT also offers complete S-Series Optical Circuit Switches white-labeled or rebranded for OEM use. This is a very effective solution when simplicity, fast time to market and minimal integration cost are important. White label S-Series systems can be integrated within the OEM Vendor’s Software and OS systems via industry standard TL1, SNMP, RPC, and OpenFlow APIs to offer 100% solution compatibility and branding.