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LightConnect™ Fabric Manager

The LightConnect™ Fabric Manager provides software management of the dynamic optical layer in Optical Circuit Switch-powered LightConnect™ Fabric networks.

Each resource move inside a data center requires many optical cross connections to be made inside many Optical Circuit Switch (OCS) nodes. The LightConnect Fabric Manager gives the data center operator access to all of the OCS nodes that are part of the flexible LightConnect Fabric topology.

LightConnect™ Fabric Manager Architecture

LightConnect™ Fabric Manager Architecture

Core functions of the Fabric Manager include a Topology Manager and a Cross-Connect Manager. The Topology Manager maintains a database of the data center network topology including which layer2/3 switches and ports are connected to specific optical ports on the LightConnect Fabric.

Similarly, the Cross-Connect manager maintains a complete database of all optical cross connects in the LightConnect Fabric. Together, these two core functions and their databases allow the Fabric Manager to maintain a complete view of overall topology and optical connectivity in the data center.

The Fabric Manager also maintains a consolidated dashboard summary with operational status of all optical circuit switches including alarms, events, and port utilization.

LightConnect™ Fabric Dashboard View

LightConnect™ Fabric Dashboard View

In the case of the data center V-Pod architecture, each V-Pod with associated spine switch ports, and each compute resource unit with associated ToR or end-of-row switch ports are defined in the LightConnect Fabric Manager topology and crossconnect management modules. Resource moves are made simply by connecting the resource to the appropriate V-Pod with the Fabric Manager.

In addition to pushing the OCS cross connect state to each of the OCS nodes, the LightConnect Fabric Manager can trigger the push of requisite configuration changes to the ToR, end-of-row, and spine switches.

The LightConnect Fabric Manager can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, allowing data center operators to make changes to the fabric as needed, or can be integrated into existing data center resource management systems via variety of open interfaces including TL1, REST, SNMP, or RPC. In this scenario, data center infrastructure administration & provisioning tools such as Chef, Puppet, Dockers, and others, can reserve and initiate the orchestration and provisioning of V-Pods through the Fabric Manager.

The LightConnect™ Fabric Manager is a CentOS-based Linux Application, capable of running on off-the-shelf hardware or any virtual machine.

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