CALIENT Technologies

Move the light, not the fiber


CALIENT’s technology is based on its patented deep-silicon plasma etch process technology that is used to make 3D Optical MEMS mirrors. With this process, the company is able to develop products that lead the optical switching industry in performance and manufacturing cost.

Key offerings include CALIENT’s flagship S320, which provides the industry’s highest density photonic switch and its white-box/sub-system solutions, providing next-generation photonic switching modules presented in a dramatically smaller form factor.

S Series Photonic Switch

The new S Series Product Line is a family of scalable photonic switches with port densities ranging from 160 to 320 ports. Small form factor, low power consumption, and fast switching speed make the S Series switches highly suited to data center, cloud computing, service provider, and government applications.

Fiber Connect

For government agencies, photonic switches add a measure of security to the fiber interconnect applications. There is no converting of the data stream to electrical signals, as in OEO switches, thus the switch can’t be targeted as a place to intercept data.

Photonic Switching Subsystems

CALIENT’s S-Series product family offers the flexibility to function as photonic switching subsystems in third party OEM equipment solutions such as Datacenter switches & routers and Service Provider CDC ROADMs.