CALIENT Technologies

Move the light, not the fiber


CALIENT’s 3D MEMS technology and S-Series product line positions the company to expand the market for its optical circuit switching technology and to develop global partnerships with router, packet switching, optical transport and server vendors. Key partnerships include:

Spirent Communications
Spirent Communications plc. (LSE: SPT) is the leading provider of verification, assessment, analytics, and device intelligence solutions. We enable those who deliver networks, connected devices, and communication services to provide a superior user experience. From service provider networks and enterprise data centers to mobile communications and connected vehicles, Spirent works with leading innovators to help the world communicate and collaborate faster, better, and more securely. For more information, please visit

Signal Solutions Nordic Oy
Signal Solutionss works with a wide variety of component and equipment manufacturers to ensure it is delivering the highest performance, most cost effective fiber-optic, radio and microwave systems on the market. Our goal is to bring our customers the latest technologies first, to help ensure the future of high-technology in Finland and all of the countries we serve. For more information, please visit