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ADARA Networks and CALIENT Technologies Unveil Unique Performance-Based SD-WAN Integrated Solution

Integration of ADARA’s SDN Controller, Cloud Management Platform and Packet Switching Solutions with CALIENT’s 3D-MEMS Optical Switching Technology Delivers Ultra-Secure SD-WAN Solutions in Heterogeneous Multi-Vendor Networks

 San Jose, CA—January 13, 2016 ADARA Networks®, a global software company in the cloud computing and software-defined networking (SDN) space, and CALIENT Technologies, the global leader in pure photonic Optical Circuit Switching, today announced a technology and go-to-market partnership to deliver an integrated solution for SD-WAN. The companies also announced preliminary availability of the joint solution for use in customer evaluations and proof of concept testing.

This new solution combines SDN with advanced packet and optical networking technologies to build a real-time cloud computing and networking solution combining a low-latency, high-speed optical overlay network with existing layer 3 routed/IP-MPLS networks. This network allows real-time data flows to bypass the traditional packet based layer 2/3 network for very low latency transport.

The solution combines CALIENT S-Series optical circuit switches and ADARA Axis switches deployed on the edges of wide-area networks under the control of ADARA’s CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform and SKY Controller to deliver powerful features and benefits:

Flexible, Predictable and Cost-Effective SDN Deployments

  • Enables SDN deployment in a heterogeneous network consisting of equipment from multiple vendors and generations and across multiple network domains (metro, regional, long-haul, trans-oceanic)
  • Enables performance-based SDN packet and optical layer integration that eliminates deployment risk because it is incrementally deployable and transparently integrates heterogeneous infrastructures including multi-layer, multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology

Increased Security and Performance

  • Integrated SD-WAN solution uses ultra-secure end-to-end mechanisms including ADARA Advanced Novel Encryption in the packet transport segment and physical isolation and security in the photonic layer to deliver the industry’s most secure SDN solution
  • Enables high-speed, high-transaction, real-time cloud computing and networking by offering complete optical bypass of layer 3 routed/IP-MPLS networks alongside traditional packet-based layer 2/3 networks.

“The CALIENT – ADARA Solution being announced today truly transforms the industry as we know it, and vaults forward the market-wide movement to an industry dominated by optical networking, managed by SDN. The integration of ADARA’s advanced SDN management solution and CALIENT’s industry-leading optical circuit switch delivers a unique solution that is fully dynamic, incrementally deployable, eliminates implementation risk and offers unequalled economic benefit,” said Eric Johnson, Chairman and CEO, ADARA Networks.

“The demand for CALIENT’s 3D-MEMS Optical Circuit Switching technology is expanding to include data center interconnect (DCI) and other WAN applications as customers seek to optimize the use of networks that are scaling to 100Gbit/s and beyond. The partnership with ADARA allows network operators to achieve something highly valuable and not previously attainable – the realization of full layer 0-7 multilayer optimization across wide-area networks consisting of equipment from multiple vendors and across multiple domains,” said Atiq Raza, Chairman & CEO, CALIENT Technologies.

 About CALIENT Technologies, Inc.

CALIENT Technologies is the global leader in pure photonic Optical Circuit Switching with systems that enable dynamic optical layer optimization in next generation data centers and software defined networks. CALIENT’s 3D MEMS switches allow data center operators to dramatically improve utilization rates of expensive compute resources, which typically account for 75 to 90% of investment. Data center operators and metro service providers also deploy CALIENT switches at the edges of their networks to facilitate multi-layer network optimization for maximum efficiency and flexibility. In this application the optical circuit switches support network-wide implementation of SD-WAN regardless of the vendor or vintage of the optical transport system. The company designs and manufactures its systems using the state of art MEMS fabrication equipment at its corporate headquarters in Santa Barbara California.

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About ADARA Networks

ADARA Networks is an industry leading developer of production-ready and vendor-neutral Software Defined Networking (SDN), Virtual Computing and Networking solutions. ADARA SDN is a complete end-to-end solution including Network Functions Virtualization, WAN optimization, network monitoring, management and configuration, security, services/infrastructure choreography and network orchestration. By enabling more flexible, secure and high performing IT infrastructure environments, ADARA SDN empowers enterprise customers to develop new revenue streams, increase bottom line and net profits and return on investment (ROI). For more information, please visit ADARA’s website.

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