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CALIENT and Spirent Team For All-Optical 40Gbps/100Gbps Network Equipment Test Lab Automation Solution

CALIENT’S S-Series Optical Circuit Switches Are Now Supported by Spirent Velocity Testbed Orchestration Software Platform

Santa Barbara, CA, October 21, 2015 — CALIENT Technologies, Inc., the global leader for optical circuit switching technology, today announced that Spirent Communications has completed integration of its S Series Optical Circuit Switch with Spirent Velocity testbed orchestration software.

Spirent Logo_WhiteOnBlue_PowerPoint-color revised 100Spirent has developed a software driver that allows Velocity to control CALIENT’s S320 and S160 Optical Circuit Switches to provide layer-1 optical topology reconfiguration in network equipment test labs.

The combined product offering is aimed at network test labs working with 40Gbps and faster networking equipment. Now labs can build a “fiber once” test lab connectivity infrastructure using S Series switches, and then manage and control topology and testing of the connected equipment with Velocity. The combined solution will dramatically reduce cabling errors, speed equipment testing and allow product developers from anywhere in the world to conduct their own tests remotely at centralized lab facilities.

Spirent’s Velocity schedules, orchestrates, manages and monitors testing of physical and virtual network equipment and software. Velocity is a Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) test orchestration platform that enables testers to quickly create and execute complex test scenarios in a self-service approach. It also features a multi-user reservation system to allow departments across the world to collaborate and schedule tests while avoiding resource conflicts.

CALIENT’s S Series Optical Circuit Switches include the S320 and S160, both of which are used to create any-to-any, layer-one network connections that can be reconfigured on demand and have virtually zero latency. The S320 is a 320-port switch with each port being transparent to protocol and bit rate and thus supporting data speeds to 100 Gbps and beyond with a total capacity of more than 32 Tbps. The S160 is a 160-port OCS switch with the same capabilities and a capacity of more than 16 Tbps.

“This integration gives our customers a new option for testing their very latest network equipment in a way that fits with industry trends calling for dramatically higher test-lab productivity,” said Wesley Hand, Director of Automation products and solutions at Spirent Communications. “Working with CALIENT extends our solution to support optical topology reconfiguration for 40Gbps and 100Gbps networks, allowing Velocity to scale in perfect sync with customer needs of network predictability.”

“Network equipment manufacturers are rapidly evolving their product lines to support 100 Gbps rates and new software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) initiatives which means a lot of investment in the ability to test these new products,” said Daniel Tardent, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for CALIENT. “The functionality and market leadership of Spirent’s Velocity platform combined with our unique MEMS-based all optical switching is a powerful solution for effective testing of the next generation of networking equipment.”

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CALIENT Technologies is the global leader in pure photonic Optical Circuit Switching with systems that enable dynamic optical layer optimization in next generation data centers and software defined networks. CALIENT’s 3D MEMS switches allow data center operators to dramatically improve utilization rates of expensive compute resources that typically account for 75 percent to 90 percent of investment. Data center operators and metro service providers also deploy CALIENT switches at the edges of their networks to facilitate multi-layer network optimization for maximum efficiency and flexibility. In this application the optical circuit switches support network-wide implementation of SD-WAN regardless of the vendor or vintage of the optical transport system. The company designs and builds its systems using its own state-of-the-art MEMS fab facility located at its corporate headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, visit CALIENT at, on Twitter and LinkedIn, or contact us at:

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