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How CALIENT Is Making a Difference in Data Centers and Carrier Networks

There is a lot going on at CALIENT as the flexibility, high-performance and low latency of our S-Series Optical Circuit Switch combined with SDN technology lends itself to solving many challenging data center and carrier network issues. To provide an overview of these solutions, we’re republishing a letter from CALIENT President Atiq Raza, which covers some of the latest projects that we’re working on with key customers.

A Message From Atiq Raza, Chairman and CEO of CALIENT Technologies

I wanted to request a few minutes of your time to tell you about CALIENT’s recent positive progress and the new applications that are enabling our customers to realize revenue gains, significant reductions in total infrastructure spending, reduced energy consumption, and improved performance. The value we deliver to our customers in these areas is driving our success and I believe that there may be an opportunity for you to leverage the immediate benefits of our innovative solutions in your optical infrastructure.

CALIENT’s S-Series Optical Circuit Switching (OCS) technology is riding a growing wave of popularity in data centers, wide-area networks, and media production studios, in large part due to the rapid adoption of 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s single-mode optics in these markets. Traditional OEO based solutions are overly complex and expensive, use too much energy, and often negatively impact performance at these speeds. Our customers demand low cost and high performance solutions, and they are clamoring for the low latency, low power consumption, and significantly lower IT capital and operational costs that optical circuit switching delivers.

Calient320_3984CFshadowA_croppedRapid expansion in single mode fiber infrastructure in modern communications facilities is another factor driving our recent growth. The sheer volume of fibers means that traditional manual fiber management techniques are both impractical and too operationally expensive. Optical Circuit Switching is automating, simplifying, and lowering the cost of fiber management in data centers, colocation facilities, media production studios, and service provider networks alike.

Some of the key applications that are driving our rapid growth are as follows:

Improving Operational Efficiency in Cloud Data Centers

In large cloud data centers, compute resources, including servers and storage, represent more than 85% of the electronics cost and almost 70% of the energy consumed. These resources are poorly utilized, typically less than 30% and in some cases significantly lower. CALIENT has developed a new virtual POD (VPOD) architecture that virtualizes the physical layer in the data center and allows facility operators to share compute resources with almost no latency across the data center, thus realizing significant capital and operational cost savings. Read more

Automating Optical Fiber Infrastructure in Development & Test Labs

Automating the optical fiber infrastructure in product development and manufacturing test laboratories is an application where optical circuit switching delivers tremendous value. As more labs migrate solutions to 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s, traditional OEO automation solutions are either extremely expensive or simply unavailable. Optical Circuit Switching is ideal for modern lab deployments because it supports any bit-rate, simplifies adding deleting and changing test equipment and network topologies, offers extremely low total cost of ownership, protocol transparency, and unlimited scalability. Read More

Optical Layer Configuration and Routing in Media Production Studios

Media Production networks around the world are rapidly scaling to support new 4K Ultra-High-Definition digital production and distribution standards. At the same time, fiber-fed cameras are proliferating in huge numbers in studios and sports stadiums because of dramatic cost reductions in camera technology. These factors are pushing the envelope of traditional live-production networks that must now accommodate masses of fiber and support multiple protocols. Optical Circuit Switching is finding a new niche in these networks in supporting the video routing capabilities at much lower cost than traditional OEO solutions. Perhaps the biggest value-added application though is simply the ability to automate and manage all the fiber resources in the production facility – something that is almost impossible to do with manual human intervention involved. Read More

Optimized SDN Transport and Data Center Interconnect Networks

Service providers and cloud data center operators are well aware of the potential benefits of multi-layer optimization – meaning the ability to collapse the network layers and achieve lowest cost per bit and maximum flexibility to provision services on demand. Software defined networking (SDN) and emerging CDC and Packet-Optical transport network solutions support multi-layer optimization across the WAN, but very little implementation is underway. This is because it only works when confined to specific vendor and geographical domains. Optical Circuit Switching has found a powerful new application acting as an SDN-orchestrated bridge between vendor and geographic domains that also allows pre-SDN legacy networks to be included in the solution. This means that the substantial operational and economic benefits of multi-layer optimization across the WAN can be realized immediately. Read More.

Colocation and Hosting Facility Optical Network Automation

Large multi-tenant colocation and internet-exchange peering facilities are proliferating around the globe, offering substantial benefits including the ability for customers to easily access multiple network and cloud service providers within the facility. Increasing size comes at a price however because the fiber infrastructure in these facilities is extremely large and complex to provision and maintain. Current manual fiber-management methods result in long delays to provision new services and high operational cost to maintain the fiber facilities. Optical Circuit Switching offers a very straightforward solution to automate the fiber infrastructure in these facilities, supporting on-demand service provisioning, significantly reducing the cost of maintenance, and improving quality of service and customer satisfaction. Read More

In conclusion I can summarize our value in a single sentence: We improve operational efficiency in rapidly growing fiber-rich networks and data center facilities.

I hope that this summary of our recent progress and growing application base has piqued your interest in the potential for optical circuit switching to support revenue growth and cost reduction for your business. If any of the use cases outlined above has attracted your attention, I would very much appreciate hearing from you so that our team may provide you with more information.

Thank you very much for your time.

Atiq Raza
Chairman and CEO
CALIENT Technologies

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