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Recap: Our Return to SDNCentral DemoFriday

Last month we partnered with Cumulus Networks and InMon for a demo with SDNCentral to show how SDN helps IT administrators use real-time traffic patterns and specific application priorities to offload elephant flows from a layer 2/3 network fabric to a pure photonic layer 1 optical circuit switched network. sdn-central-logo

Our own VP of Marketing, Daniel Tardent, VP of Engineering, Jitender Miglani and Senior Systems Engineer, Venkata Prasana, joined Meena Sankaran, software ecosystems and solutions at Cumulus Networks and Peter Phaal, president and co-founder of InMon. Matt Palmer of SDNCentral hosted the session.

Through the demo, network and cloud architects, planners and network engineers gained three key takeaways:

  • A better understanding of the challenges optimizing the network for mouse (short) and elephant (persistent) flows.
  • How hybrid packet optical networks can optimize network performance for both mouse and elephant flows.
  • How SDN controls the data transport between packet and optical equipment.

After our demo, we took questions from participants. You can read the full Q&A here, as well as watch the full presentation.

Thank you everyone that joined us, we look forward to sharing our industry perspectives with you again soon.

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