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Move the light, not the fiber

CALIENT Teams with Cumulus Networks and InMon to Demo SDN Optimization of Hybrid Packet-Optical Data Center Fabric

DemoFriday-Generic_Orange-Event-600x300On Sept. 19, we’re making a triumphant return to SDN Central’s DemoFriday live event to show how software defined networking (SDN) can optimize the throughput of a data center hybrid packet-optical data center fabric.

Hybrid packet-optical networks are gaining traction with scale out data centers because they provide a low-latency, high-bandwidth overlay for “elephant” data flows. This frees up the packet network for the “mouse” data flows and dramatically improves overall throughput. For more on mouse and elephant data flows, see this blog post.

Our latest DemoFriday event will be on Sept. 19 at 10 am PST. We are partnering with Cumulus Networks, and InMon to demonstrate a programmable hybrid data center network that detects and offloads highly persistent elephant flows from a Layer 2/3 network fabric to a pure photonic layer 1 optical circuit switched network based on real-time traffic patterns.

Presenters on the webinar include: Meena Sankaran from Cumulus Networks, Peter Phaal from InMon, CALIENT’s Daniel Tardent and Jitender Miglani, together with Matt Palmer and Rob Wilson from SDNCentral.

For more information and to register, go to the online registration page.

This is a free webinar with some of the top experts in data center networking. Its shaping up to be a very impactful hour for people who need to stay ahead of growing data center traffic.

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