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Update from ECOC 2013: Hybrid Data Center solution goes mainstream

Big Ben

In the shadow of Big Ben, ECOC showgoers found out its time for hybrid packet-optical data center architecture.

For CALIENT, the ECOC 2013 tradeshow in London, was all about moving our Software-Defined Hybrid Packet-Optical Data Center Architecture front and center in the minds of our customers, partners and competitors in the UK and the European continent.

As it turned out, we had some company.  The day before the opening of ECOC 2013, and without naming names, another optical systems vendor announced the availability of their SDN-enabled switch.

While they are not the first to do this as they claimed in their press release (in fact we announced our SDN OpenFlow enabled solution last year), it does indeed affirm the road we are taking with the CALIENT S320 Optical Circuit Switch.

The ECOC booth where the industry’s first SDN-powered optical switch was on display.

The ECOC booth where the industry’s first SDN-powered optical switch was on display.

Lightbulbs went off once we spoke to showgoers about the Software-Defined Hybrid switching system. While they may not have been familiar with it before the show, after we explained the beauty of the solution that combines packet switches from any vendor with CALIENT’s S320 optical circuit switch to manage elephant flows, they immediately grasped its significance in the data center. By far the most popular part of our application presentation was the slide on the Hybrid Data Center (see below, click to enlarge).

Hybrid Data Center Solution

Hybrid Data Center Solution

ECOC also gave us an opportunity to show off our 3D MEMS core technology that enables monitoring of existing connections and the establishment of new connections on the S320 optical circuit switch (320 input ports by 320 output ports).

Last, but not least, we were pleased to meet so many existing and potential new partners both in the European research and reseller space. We look forward to doing business with you to help bring the benefits of the hybrid data center architecture to companies across Europe.

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