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What does Software-Defined Networking mean to the business world?

business_financeSoftware-defined networking (SDN) has been around for about two years now. And even though there are groups still developing SDN standards, as well as other related technologies, some in the investment community are starting to size up just how important SDN can be as a market. Some are also asking whether SDN will be as big as client-server computing?

One article that caught our eye was published in the Rayno Report, an investment blog published by R. Scott Raynovich. His take:

One of the next great enabling technologies of the connected revolution will be Software Defined Networking (SDN). Yes, it is much hyped. But I think the hype is relevant. That is because SDN is one of the biggest paradigm shifts in networking in decades. I would say it’s as big as the client/server revolution in the early 1990s, which gave birth to companies like Cisco (CSCO) and Microsoft (MSFT), which turned out to be fairly good investments.

In the 1990s, the client–server architecture took over from mainframe computing and became the defacto corporate computing methodology. It’s safe to say that computing would not be as prevalent as it is today without client-server computing. Even today, email, the Internet and network printing still use client-server frameworks.

So, while we have amazing market growth to which to look forward, right now we can also say that SDN can solve real world problems like directing CALIENT’s hybrid packet-optical architecture to add instant bandwidth to a data center network to offload large, persistent data flows.

Here’s to a bright future for SDN, for your data center – and for CALIENT!

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