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Move the light, not the fiber

September 9, 2013
Wall Street Hears More About Hybrid Packet-Optical Circuit Switched Networks
by Daniel Tardent

Wall Street financial firms are constantly seeking the highest performance, lowest latency networks. Today, at HPC on Wall Street, they will get a taste of the CALIENT hybrid packet-optical circuit switched network for data centers, which delivers the fastest performance available for persistent data flows. I will be in the CALIENT booth (Roosevelt Hotel, NYC, Booth #312) throughout the show […]

September 4, 2013
What does Software-Defined Networking mean to the business world?
by Daniel Tardent

Software-defined networking (SDN) has been around for about two years now. And even though there are groups still developing SDN standards, as well as other related technologies, some in the investment community are starting to size up just how important SDN can be as a market. Some are also asking whether SDN will be as big as client-server computing? One […]