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CALIENT Technologies and American Networking Solutions Partner on First Solution that Secures Fiber-Optic Physical Networks

Companies debut CyberSecure Infrastructure Protection System alerting and re-routing solution to detect breeches and ensure data integrity of fiber networks

Santa Barbara, CA, August 28, 2013 — CALIENT Technologies, Inc., the global leader for Optical Circuit Switching technology, today announced it has teamed with American Networking Solutions to debut the CyberSecure Infrastructure Protection System (IPS).

The CyberSecure IPS is the first five-level cyber security solution designed to secure physical fiber cabling infrastructure and automatically protect data traffic of government and enterprise networks from physical plant cyber-attacks – minimizing the risk of physical intrusions and the loss of mission critical classified information.

Fiber-optic cables can be tapped and classified data compromised without alerting data security systems. To prevent physical plant cyber-attacks on secure networks, agencies and companies typically deploy protective distribution systems (PDS), data encryption devices or concrete-encased conduit banks.

The CyberSecure IPS combines the S320 optical circuit switch from CALIENT with the CyberSecure Infrastructure Management System (IMS) from American Networking Solutions creating an alarmed carrier protective distribution system unparalleled in the IT security industry.

When an optical disturbance is detected on a data network infrastructure cable, the CyberSecure IMS software notifies CALIENT’s S320 of the intrusion attempt and the S320 then quarantines network elements. The S320 can instantly shut-off or reroute data traffic to a new network infrastructure to prevent any sensitive information from being transmitted across compromised circuits.

This routing capability can also be used to direct traffic to optical tap couplers for network packet monitoring.

“Classified networks need to be physically protected from intrusion as well as provide quick response to any network threat, but traditional solutions are not ideal in today’s ever-evolving communications systems,” said Glenn Stern, Vice President of Global Public Sector Sales for CALIENT. “The CyberSecure IPS provides state-of-the-art security for a significant vulnerability to better protect government and enterprise networks.”

“The government is investing heavily in cyber security over the next five years to protect classified information. The Cyber Secure IPS gives IT security teams unprecedented network visibility into their physical plant, taking IT security to a whole new level,” said Scott Rye, President and CEO of ANS. “We’ve proven the value of CyberSecure IPS at a number of installations, but the addition of the S320 gives us a way to instantly steer around problems without any downtime.”

The CyberSecure IPS fully meets NSTISSI 7003 security requirements. The CyberSecure IPS is available now from CALIENT’s government sales force. For more information on the CyberSecurity IPS solution or to download a Solutions Brief, visit our web site or email

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American Networking Solutions (ANS) is a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. ANS offers highly secure, green technology solutions including the government-approved CyberSecure Infrastructure Protection System (IPS). For more information, please visit


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