CALIENT Technologies

Move the light, not the fiber

August 19, 2013
Events: CALIENT on show
by Tamsin Douglas

Summer is drawing to a close and that means trade show season is starting. We are excited to have some real-time face-to-face opportunities to meet with industry insiders and get our message out about the Software-Defined Hybrid Data Center. May be we’ll see you at one of these shows? Drop by booth 312 at the High Performance Computing For Wall Street, […]

August 15, 2013
Podcast: Software-Defined Hybrid Packet-Optical Data Center Networking and why it matters
by Tamsin Douglas

Find out why CALIENT is at the forefront of the Software-Defined Hybrid Packet-Optical Data Center Network Architecture. We are developing a new application for its core 3D MEMS technology in the hybrid data center network. This solution combines packet and pure photonic optical circuit switches to deliver exceptionally high performance and scalable networking capabilities for very large cloud-sized data centers. […]