CALIENT Technologies

Move the light, not the fiber

Why you will love working at CALIENT Technologies

It’s no secret that we’re hiring. We’re looking for superior talent in both the engineering and sales engineering fields. Competing against the likes of Cyan, Facebook and Plexxi  and many others, for qualified candidates is not always easy, but we think once we the word gets out about CALIENT, we’ll have more takers than we’ll know what to do with.

Location, location, location. Need we say more?


Santa Barbara Harbor

Did you know that CALIENT Technologies headquarters is located in one of the most scenic regions of SoCal if not the planet? We are fortunate to be situated in Santa Barbara, close to both the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountain range. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it’s paradise for sailors, paddlers, beach volley ball players, hikers, cyclists, swimmers and all manner of outdoor enthusiasts.

And if the physical assets of the area are not enough, there are many nearby vineyards to explore as well as festivals of all sorts from the venerable Spanish Fiesta to the Vintners’ Festival Weekend.

Oh and let’s not forget the climate. Coming from chilly central Canada, I can appreciate the year round mild temperatures and abundant flora and constant greenery.

Santa Barbara and the surrounding region have it all in one neat package – balmy year round weather, ocean views, mountain climbs and a vibrant arts scene.

The people

Yoga outside

Lunch time yoga outdoors at CALIENT

I work with the most amazing people. They are smart, creative and caring. We have people from far-flung places like Delhi, India, as well as born and bred Santa Barbarians and everywhere in between. Some are parents and some are new grads. And somehow we all manage to work together and enjoy each other’s company. In their spare time, some are talented musicians while others like to race sailboats on the Pacific. The best thing though is that my colleagues really care about each other’s well-being, not just their work output. It makes for a whole workplace. They are also open-minded like when I ask them to get into downward dog on the front lawn of CALIENT during our lunch-time yoga sessions.

The technology

Working at a high tech company is no fun if the technology is, well, boring, or just not that innovative. It’s hard to get excited about what you’re designing if it’s not a product that is going to revolutionize the market. At CALIENT that is not an issue. Our optical circuit switches are based on some pretty snazzy 3D MEMs technology that you can find out more about on our web site.  But what it means is that we are building photonic switches to power the surge in data that the world is experiencing today from the data center and cloud computing to service provider and government applications. This is exciting stuff when you think about what it means. Our switches are helping networks provide you with reliable and rapid access to your on demand TV, for one,  and will also enable your mobile lifestyle by helping networks deliver data to your smart device fast and efficiently. Data fuels our world and what could be more gratifying than working to make our world better through technology.

Tamsin on the beach in Santa Barbara

Me enjoying some Santa Barbara beach time

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