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Keeping up with SDN in Real Time: Our Top 20 Twitter Feeds

Flying bird patternSoftware-defined networking is a fast moving topic. As the buzz around the technology grows, there is a corresponding upsurge in standards defining activity and news from the industry. Twitter is a vast reservoir of information and a great tool for keeping up, but it can be tough to decide which feed to follow. Luckily, we are here to help with our top 20 SDN-focused twitter accounts:

  • @CIMIcorp – CIMI Corporation is a strategic consulting firm in the telecom, media, and technology space
  • @craigmatsumoto – Managing Editor, SDNCentral, engineer journalist covering all things telecom technology business.
  • @Datacenter – Editor of Data Center Knowledge. All data centers. All the time.
  • @etherealmind – Human Infrastructure for Networks.
  • @GigaOM – GigaOM is the leading independent voice on emerging technologies and the disruption of media.
  • @internetnews – Realtime IT news
  • @JohnGallant1 – Chief Content Officer for IDG Enterprise (Computerworld, CIO, CITEworld, CSO, InfoWorld, Network World, , ).
  • @leedoyle_dc – Principal Analyst at Doyle Research – focusing on the Intelligent Network, SDN/OpenFlow, NFV, COTS, CSCO, JNPR. Hike|
  • @Mbushong – Networking guy, lover of heart-crushing sports teams (Sharks, Vikings, & Padres), and father of twins (destructo-demons)
  • @OpenFlow – The official twitter account of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and its efforts to standardize Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • @OpenDaylightSDN – A community-led, open, industry-supported platform, consisting of code and blueprints for accelerating adoption of SDN, and fostering new innovation.
  • @OpenNetSummit – Join us at the Open Networking Summit, April 15-17 2013 – your guide to OpenFlow and the SDN Revolution. Early bird discount expires on Feb 10th.
  • @OvumTelecoms – Ovum Telecoms provides the insight needed to navigate through the continual transformations of the telecoms industry.
  • @Patricia_dugan – Community and Marketing Manager at SDNCentral
  • @Plexxi – News and trends from Plexxi, a startup in the enterprise and cloud computing data center networking space.
  • @SDN_News – Innovators building a network virtualization community for all things around software-defined networking via sharing news, updates, & knowledge
  • @SDN_Newsfeed – Like the name says, a feed dedicated to SDN news.
  • @sdn_tech – Sharing job opportunities, news & technology updates for network virtualization, OpenFlow, etc for CCIEs, JNCIEs, and SEs, TMEs and Network Architects
  • @sdnworld – Bringing you the latest on SDN and network virtualisation developments across the world.


Who are your go-to Twitter accounts for SDN news? Let us know if we left off any of your favorites. Tweet us @CalientTech!

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