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The cloud on the hill

This week, our gang on the East coast, will be talking up OCS at the Federal Cloud Computing Summit in DC on May 30th. This is an opportunity to discuss with us our SDN hybrid packet-optical data center network products. As you know, SDN was front and center at Interop Vegas and with good reason. With global data center traffic set to grow fourfold and reach a total of 6.6 zettabytes annually by 2016, according to Cisco Global Cloud Index (2011 – 2016), there is little doubt that the momentum powering SDN will stop any time soon.

Data centers gone wild

With recent news of Microsoft adding 300,000 servers to support Xbox One and Amazon’s AWS growth set to generate $3.8B in 2013, an 81% growth rate, we have little doubt that organizations like these and many other major cloud players can benefit from an SDN-driven, dynamic packet-optical datacenter architecture. Want to see how and why? Join CALIENT and Plexxi for an SDN Central DemoFriday on June 14th. Don’t miss out, register today!

SDN in the bank

CALIENT will be demoing the new hybrid data center at High Performance Computing For Wall Street, on Monday, September 9th, in New  York City. Today’s networks are driven by the demand of big data, virtualization, on-demand video, mobile and cloud aplications resulting in the need to store and backup vast amounts of data. Traditional packet-based aggregation networks can’t keep up leading to increased latency and degraded performance.

An all-packet-based switching configuration in the datacenter is not scalable or economically sustainable since it means designing for worst-case traffic scenarios. In the hybrid packet-optical circuit switch network, optical circuit switches are installed in a data center to augment packet-based switching. Find out more by visiting us at Booth 316.


SDN Hybrid Packet-Optical Data Center Network – check out our latest presentation on SlideShare.

This article from the The Indus Entrepreneurs,  Silicon Valley chapter, delves into among other things why Microsoft is rolling their own SDN solution with OpenDaylight.

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