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Big Data Causing Big Network Problems?

Big data is creating an explosion of data growth resulting in network bottlenecks and slow performance.  If this is your situation, you might want to read our new whitepaper on the hybrid packet-optical data center architecture that can offer a solution.

The whitepaper goes into the challenges in data centers where new and expensive server resources and services are being constrained by the traditional datacenter network architectures and equipment.

To combat this ever-increasing issue, the whitepaper shows how new optical circuit switching technology is being combined with packet-based switching solutions to create a hybrid network that has been shown to dramatically improve network performance.

CALIENT’s networking experts have thoroughly thought out a high-level hybrid packet-circuit based datacenter network architecture that can support both short bursty traffic as well as high-capacity, high-persistence data flows across the datacenter.

Check out the 13-page whitepaper at

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