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The S320 World Tour

This fall we had a very busy schedule that included attending three back-to-back trade shows in Europe, China and New York on what I’m calling the S320 World Tour.

We first began our tour to debut the newest addition to our photonic switching family, the S320, to the European market at ECOC in Amsterdam.

The decision to attend ECOC was not only to debut the S320, but also to address the ever-changing European telecom industry landscape, with the opportunity to showcase our new data center networking capabilities.

Data centers there, like in the U.S., are undergoing the same radical changes. Data is migrating to the cloud and users are demanding anytime/anywhere access to it. Huge amounts of data are being generated, resulting in the need for extremely high capacity. Launching the S320 at ECOC introduced attendees and other exhibitors to a new, key foundation for the next generation of high-performance networking.

Next up was PT/Expo Comm China in Beijing where we put the S320 on display for the Chinese Telecom industry. PT/Expo Comm China was a particularly interesting show because China ranks 34th in the world for household penetration (according to Ovum) allowing for plenty of broadband growth to occur in the country.

Lastly, we wrapped our tour of the S320 by exhibiting at High Performance Computing for Wall Street in New York. Here, we focused on launching the S320 into super low latency Wall Street applications.  We wanted that market to know that the S320 cuts latency by 60% or more in these networks due to the very low sub-60ns transit time through the switch.

After all of that travel, it’s nice to be home.  But given the interest generated during the S320 world tour it might not be too long before we’re out on the road again – this time showing the switch at customer sites.


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