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Move the light, not the fiber

November 27, 2012
The S320 World Tour
by Daniel Tardent

This fall we had a very busy schedule that included attending three back-to-back trade shows in Europe, China and New York on what I’m calling the S320 World Tour. We first began our tour to debut the newest addition to our photonic switching family, the S320, to the European market at ECOC in Amsterdam. The decision to attend ECOC was […]

SDN Layers

Webinar Report: How Optical Circuit Switching works with SDN
by Daniel Tardent

The explosion of rich media data now underway is having a dramatic impact on data centers and is the driving force behind interest in software-defined networks (SDN), which is perhaps the hottest trend in networking today. By combining SDN technology with optical circuit switching, data centers get the network control and agility that SDN promises, with the ultra-low latency and […]