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CALIENT Debuts First High-Density Photonic Switch For Data Centers

New 320-port S320 can create flexible, 3.2 Terabyte data center fabrics; new switch has smaller size, lower power and reduced cost

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 06, 2012 OFC/NFOEC Booth 1352  — CALIENT Technologies, Inc., the global leader in photonic switching technology, today announced the S320, a new 320-port photonic switch that has the small form factor, low power consumption and features that make it the first high-density photonic switch for data center applications.

The S320 is the next generation of CALIENT’s patented 3D micro electrical mechanical system (MEMS) switching technology that has served production networks for eight years with a significant global installed base of tier one service providers and government customers.

In a data center network, the S320 is used to create a scalable, flexible, switched network fabric, with total throughput of 3.2 TB, that connects top-of-rack switches and core routers.  This results in flat, any-to-any network connections with no added latency that can be reconfigured cyclically or on-demand to support real-time application demands.  Each S320 port can support up to 100 Gbps data rates so that the photonic layer doesn’t need to be replaced when servers, switches and routers are upgraded.

The foundation of the S320 is a new modular design that allows the company to develop a portfolio of S-series switches with different port densities and form factors.  The heart of the new switch is the MEMS Switch Module 320 (MSM320), which uses CALIENT’s three-dimensional array of silicon micro mirrors to switch up to 320 incoming fiber optic signals from any port to any output port.  The module delivers switching speed of less than 25 milliseconds, and offers redundant control processors and high availability Linux OS carrier-grade OS.

The new Optical Monitoring Module (OMM) is a large-scale optical power meter that uses a free-space scanning mirror optical power monitor.  The OMM provides feedback to the MSM control circuits to dynamically update all 320 connections to minimize optical power loss.

“Data Center and Service Provider networks today need the capacity and connectivity that our 3D MEMS technology can deliver, and the S320 is the culmination of a major engineering effort to deliver that technology in a power efficient next-generation platform,” said Gregory Koss, Chief Development Officer at CALIENT. “The S320 is just the first of a family of switch products that will make photonic switching practical and cost efficient in even more new applications.”

The compact S320 chassis fits in a 19” rack and ranges from 4RU – 7RU high (depending on optical connector type).  The fully loaded chassis weighs 38 pounds and power consumption is only 30 watts. The switch has 80 LC or MTP connectors that accommodate 640 fiber terminations supporting 1310nm and 1550nm single-mode fiber.  Power options include 12VDC, 24VDC and -48VDC, as well as 90 – 264 VAC.

Network Applications

In addition to data center applications, the S320 supports all traditional CALIENT applications including carrier networks where it provides rapid disaster recovery and configurability for subsea cable landing applications. It also provides next generation, high port-count colorless, directionless, contentionless (CDC) reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs) in fiber optic service provider networks and network automation for fiber to the home/premises (FTTH/FTTP).

In government applications, the S320 brings a high level of data security to networks. Because the switch can be thoroughly partitioned, with no risk of data leakage, the technology can be used in applications that span multiple security levels.

The S320 supports widely used network management protocols, including transaction language 1 (TL1), simple network management protocol (SNMP) and common object request broker architecture (CORBA).


The S320 is available in beta release now and will be generally available to ship during the second quarter of 2012. Please visit for more information or email

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