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CALIENT Technologies Raises $19.4 Million in Latest Funding Round to Move into Enterprise and Cloud Computing Data Center Markets

New financing will fund completion of 2012 product family for data center market expansion and integration partners

Santa Barbara, CA, Oct. 25, 2011 — CALIENT Technologies, Inc., the global leader in photonic switching, today announced it has raised a $19.4 million round of venture financing from a combination of new and existing internal investors. The new funding will be used to expand into data center and cloud computing markets and to finalize development of its new portfolio of 3D MEMS photonic switching systems and modules for OEMs and system integration partners.

With the new financing in place, CALIENT will bring to market a new family of modular photonic switching systems and subsystems targeted for enterprise and cloud data centers as well as existing applications such as subsea cable and government networks. In these applications, CALIENT’s switches provide highly scalable, almost future-proof, capacity as networks grow in speed from 10Gbps to 40Gbps and 100Gbps.  The new product line will also be more modular, power efficient and lower in cost.  This makes it possible to pursue new markets and to enable other networking vendors to embed photonic switching into their systems.

“CALIENT is excited to have the funding to complete our strategy of expanding our product line, moving into new markets and partnering with global vendors to provide best-in-class solutions,” said Atiq Raza, chairman and CEO of CALIENT. “There are many new trends as a result of the demand for high bandwidth applications and we are now in a position to take advantage of these opportunities and grow our business. Data centers and cloud computing networks in particular are exciting new opportunities for us due to the unprecedented growth in server deployments and the resulting explosion of bandwidth requirements.”

CALIENT’s field-proven 3D optical MEMS technology will be enhanced in the new product line to provide smaller form-factor, reduced power consumption and low cost in switching technology, allowing enterprise and cloud computing data centers to cost-effectively deploy photonic switching solutions for the first time. In these applications, the switches optimize resource utilization by reconfiguring high-bandwidth connectivity within and between data center sites to support time of day or instantaneous demand variations, or disaster recovery scenarios.

CALIENT’s technology is based on its patented deep-silicon plasma etch process technology that is used to make 3D MEMS mirrors.   With this process, the company is able to develop products that lead the industry in performance and manufacturing cost.  The company designs and fabricates it systems using the state of art optical MEMS equipment in its fabrication facility located at its corporate headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, CALIENT Technologies is the global leader in adaptive photonic switching with systems that build service providers, cloud computing, content delivery and government networks for today’s content explosion. CALIENT’s 3D MEMS switches have demonstrated years of reliability, with eight years of successful continuous operation at large companies in diverse markets. With more than 70,000 optical terminations shipped, CALIENT has one of the largest installed bases of photonic switches worldwide.  For more information visit us at or contact us at

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