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Government & Intelligence

For government agencies, CALIENT’s S-Series Optical Circuit Switches add security to fiber interconnect applications. There is no converting of the data stream to electrical signals, as in OEO switches, thus the switch can’t be targeted as a place to intercept data. This opens up opportunities for secure switching at undersea cable landing sites and also cross-domain secure video conferencing.

The network reconfiguration speed of optical circuit switching also lends itself to disaster recovery applications, while the flexible data transmission rates supported – from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps and beyond – means the system can be used in a wide range of different applications.

Government Applications

Cyber Security & QoS Evaluation: Deploying photonic switching facilitates evaluation of telecommunications traffic for QoS and cyber attack signatures on fiber backbone networks. This results in a dramatically simpler and more cost effective solution compared with traditional Optical-Electrical-Optical (OEO) methods and also facilitates sharing of high-value test and measurement equipment. Learn More

Submarine Cable Optical Switching ExampleSubsea Cable Landing: Terrestrial Landing Sites (which terminate Subsea cables typically carry terabits of data) are often in remote un-manned locations. Even with redundancy, the time to repair a failed transponder or fiber cut is usually long and the impact of the outage is severe. Fast Optical Circuit Switching minimizes these impacts by routing around multiple failures and maintaining protection schemes during network upgrades and reconfigurations.

Cyber Ranges Optical Switching ExampleLab Automation & Cyber Ranges: Sharing of high-value network assets and test equipment is critical to the economic deployment of test labs and Cyber Ranges, as is the ability to reconfigure the network quickly and on-demand. CALIENT’s Adaptive Optical Switching Solutions support these requirements entirely in the optical domain and provide an almost future-proof basis for network speed growth to 40 or 100 Gbit/s.

Resource Pooling Optical Switching ExampleHigh Value Resource Pooling: Just as optical circuit switching allows sharing of high-cost equipment in labs and Cyber Ranges, similar support can be offered to the sharing of any high-value resources within a defined network. One example is the ability to share expensive Video Teleconference or Telepresence codecs between multiple VTC facilities and using Optical Circuit Switching to provide the routing.

Data Center Photonic Switching ExampleData Centers: Video and Cloud Computing are driving huge growth in Data Center server deployments. This, in turn, is leading to rapid network speed expansion within the Data Center, scaling from 10 Gbit/s through 40 Gbit/s and even to 100 Gbit/s. CALIENT’s Optical Switching Systems enable this growth and provide the physical layer support to manage resource utilization based on time-of-day or intelligent network algorithms.

Cloud Computing Optical Switching ExampleCloud Computing: CALIENT’s S-Series Switching  Solutions deliver the throughput and the connectivity to provide automated fiber interconnect infrastructure for a large number of cloud computing applications, ranging from carrier hotels, to Ethernet peering points to hosted content centers. In these applications, photonic switching provides the any-to-any fiber management and interconnect needed to manage the massive fiber optic networks.

Automated Fiber Management - Optical Switching ExampleAutomated Fiber Monitoring & Management: CALIENT’s all-Optical Switching Solutions enable 100% monitoring of input and output power levels on all paths. In a complex facility this can offer a high-value contribution to fault isolation within the local optical network. In addition, Optical Switching supports on-demand network reconfiguration or patching without the need for a costly labor force in every facility location.