CALIENT Technologies

Move the light, not the fiber


The explosion of video and other Internet data is driving the demand for flexible, high-bandwidth networks. Photonic switching is a reliable and cost-effective solution for these networks because the technology is transparent to data speed, and is protocol agnostic, thus it offers very high bandwidth and configuration flexibility. As the global leader in Adaptive Photonic Switching, CALIENT Technologies offers a variety of government, service provider and data center solutions.

Software Defined Datacenters

Optical Circuit Switching enables the much needed capability to economically reconfigure large datacenter networks to support big data flows with low latency and to scale as needed to 40 or 100 Gbit/s or even beyond.

Government & Intelligence

For government agencies, photonic switches add security to the fiber interconnect applications. There is no converting of the data stream to electrical signals, thus the switch can’t be targeted as a place to intercept data.

Service Providers

CALIENT’s 3D MEMS technology provides the automated fiber interconnect and management  infrastructure for a range of Service Provider applications including Cloud Computing, Next Generation Data Centers, and Colorless Directionless Contentionless (CDC) ROADMs